Welcome to Georgian House

We know how stressful it is looking for a suitable home for a loved one. There are many nursing homes out there providing excellent care. We are one such home. However, where we differ is the atmosphere and environment in which that care is delivered. We are a family run business and are absolutely committed to providing a loving environment in which to look after our residents.

We are not purpose built. Georgian House Nursing Home used to be the actual home of the owners, Mr & Mrs Hopley. It has of course been adapted and modified to allow us to care for residents but the 'homely feel' is still there. If you want your loved one to be cared for in an environment which is as close to them being in their own home, then we suggest you come and visit us.

The backbone of our Home is the staff. They are extremely dedicated and loyal (one carer retired recently after ten and a half years of service!). The feedback we receive from residents and their visitors about the care they provide is wonderful and incredibly motivating for the staff. We never use agency staff ensuring that the likes and dislikes of each and every resident are known to all the staff. Relatives of residents who have since passed away (some several years ago) still pop in every now and again for a chat and a cup of tea. The home genuinely is a very happy place.