Our Rates

'Nursing care' includes accommodation, meals and personal care with qualified nurses on duty twenty four hours a day. 'Residential care' includes accommodation, meals and personal care, such as help with bathing and dressing for those who are finding it difficult to cope at home or who need more help than their carers are able to provide.

We welcome residents that are self-funding along with residents that are funded by the Local Authority and the NHS.

The cost will depend upon the level of care needed by each individual resident and the length of stay required. We will be able to advise you of the cost of the stay when we assess you before you arrive.

In all circumstances the weekly fee will be fully inclusive of :

  • twenty four hour care with individualised care plans
  • all meals and refreshments
  • meal service in room
  • housekeeping
  • laundry services (excluding dry cleaning)
  • activities/entertainment programmes
  • library service
  • religious services

Fees are generally paid by Standing Order monthly in advance. For short stay periods of respite care (less than one month) care fees are payable in advance on the day of admission.

For people entering the nursing home requiring financial help, your first port of call should be your Local Authority's Social Services Department. You will be assessed by Social Services for your personal care needs and have to satisfy the criteria of a financial assessment. They will ask the NHS locally to assess your need for the nursing care.

For people required to fully fund their own care and accommodation, an NHS nurse will determine the level of nursing input you will require. They will then place a financial value on your nursing health needs. This will be your 'free nursing contribution'.